for our Subcontractors

NCSU - Yarbrough Elevated Walkway and Chiller Renovations

A large part of our success stems from the great partnerships, we have created with our subcontractors and suppliers. The highly-specialized skills, knowledge and the commitment to share the same quality service and workmanship that Incline Construction does further strengthen these relationships.  

To Partner With Us

Please send your company information to

Please include:


A brief Company profile, a contact person's name, telephone number and email address.  Along with:

  • 2 Business References
  • 3 Supplier References


The following forms are required to be on file with our office prior to any subcontractor starting work on any/all projects:

Certificate of Insurance (Required minimum limits) 

General Liability                           $1,000,000,00                 Automobile Liability               $1,000,000.00                 Property Damage Liability     $1,000,000.00                 Worker’s Compensation          $500,000.00 

Incline Construction Incorporated must be added as an additional insured .


Statement of Incorporation

Projects Open to Bid

We are working on our project calendar, please contact us to see what we currently have bidding. Additional questions can be referred to our Project Estimators:

Robert Pope at 

Chris Sparks at

Please feel free to call us at 919.598.8006